naoko ogawa Jewelry Works

Naoko Ogawa is a japanese jewelry artist, based in Berlin, Germany.
She reconsiders the meaning of wearing jewelry and creates work based on the idea of deepening mutual relationships among people, clothes, and jewelry.Her jewelry cannot become complete unless people put it on.

'drawing' is her diffusion line.
You'll enjoy her idea through general items of jewelry such as a necklace, earrings and bracelet. Only those who wear it are able to create the "drawing" on your body and complete beauty.


Because all item are handcrafted by the artist, some items are produced by order. Please check the description of item carefully if it is made by order. It will take about a few days for producing an item. We'll inform you the exact delivery times after confirming your order.


The necklace is made from fine chain that is very fragile. Please do not pull the chain strongly.

Do not wear the jewelry while taking shower and sauna, swimming, playing sports and sleeping.

Each time after wearing the jewelry, quick and gently wipe away sweat and dirt from the jewelry with a soft cloth.

If the jewelry is getting dirty, gently wash it by hand with water and dish detergent. After washing, quick wipe away the water. Keep the jewelry away from air. Minimal exposure to air when not in use is the best way to keep your jewelry looking new!

Silver jewelry:
Silver is tarnished by sulfur containing elements such as wool, felt, food (onions, eggs, and mayonnaise), fossil fuels, rubber bands, latex gloves, carpet padding, certain paints and cosmetics. Tarnish can be accelerated in a humid environment. Salts, sweat, from foods, bodily oils, or natural elements (the ocean air) are corrosive elements and therefore a danger to silver. Leaving the silver jewelry without cleaning would couse the tarnish and the chain to be broken.

Gold plated jewelry:
Gold plated jewelry is tarnished by sweat, bodily, perfum and cosmetics. Please keep the jewelry away from them. Do not polish the gold plated jewelry! The more you polish, the more the plate is worn away.



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